Our Collective, Community & Individual Stories Are Being Told By Whom & How?

Tell Us Your Story
Since The Dawn of Creation & Of Human Existence, Movements, Migration & Evolution Is The historicity & Collective Experiencing Of Human Life On The Planet.
“Tell us your story” Is an intercultural project that tells in first the person, the direct experiences of young refugees living here in Berlin, who have undertaken the difficult journey across continents to arrive here in Germany.

How have their stories been told? By whom and it what ways?
What has been the public receptivity towards refugees?
What are their hopes and aspirations here in Germany?
What was their motivations to leave the sanctuary of home and undertake this perilous journey?
How is their integration process within German Society? How do they see themselves contributing to German society?

How have your stories and experiences been told? By whom and it what ways? The objective of this intercultural project, is to creatively highlight the lives of young refugees living here in Berlin. To share their personal stories, histories and experiences in the first person with the public. It is to give a human side to their overall experiences as refugees, and to give the public a chance to have a glimpse into their lives as human beings.

These interviews will be aired on the Radio Future Africa platform in summer 21 in several episodes.
The program will be aired twice every week at 12:00 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays and broadcasted worldwide on the radio future Africa app which is available on the Apple store and Google App Store as a free download and also on the internet on our social media platforms.

If you will like to tell your story on the radio then get in touch with us via phone or via email.
It is also to integrate them in the process of telling their own stories which can be therapeutic for the refugees and the listening public through creative interviews and using their creative skills, if some of them have creative backgrounds in any of the artistic disciplines.

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