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Luanda- Angola will host on April 30 the 10th edition of the International Jazz Festival that will bring together Angolan, Cameroonian, Chadian, Gabonese and DRC artists, the organization announced Thursday in Luanda.

Speaking to ANGOP, a member of the organization, Jerónimo Belo,  highlighted the participation of Filipe Mukenga, Sam Mangwana, Anabela Aya, Esperança Mirakiza, Totó, Ricardo Lemvo, Mitchel Long (USA), Catarina dos Santos (Portugal), Chico Pinheiro (Brazil), Yamandu Costa (Brazil), Luiz Guerreiro (Portugal), As Marias (Mozambique), among many others.

The festival aims to raise awareness of the international community about the virtues of jazz as an educational tool and as a force for peace, unity, dialogue, and enhanced cooperation among peoples.

In 10 editions already held, this is the first time that the festival will be held in the Central African region and will have the theme “Arts, culture and heritage: levers for building the Africa we want”.

Jerónimo Belo stressed that the musicians’ expectation is to promote a greater dissemination of the jazz and increase it in programs at the level of radio stations and articles in newspapers about this musical style.

In relation to the current state of jazz in Angola, Jerónimo Belo said that it is moving forward with many difficulties, but with great determination.

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